About us

We are a firm that wants to create a better world through our cases. Our fields of activity focus on the defence of human rights and the environment, in addition to the interests of our clients, to achieve this goal. 

Environmental Law

The defense of the environment has been increasingly on the agenda with society demanding responsibility and sustainability in its operations.

However, large international corporations still fail to ensure the safety of the environment and society. We fight for compensation that is fair and coherent with society’s needs.

Indigenous Law

Indigenous communities are fundamental representatives of Brazilian society, and have particular conditions derived from their unique relationship with nature and their culture.

Therefore, we are proud to have a special connection with the part of the law that knows the details about indigenous conditions in Brazilian and international law and, thus, manage to defend their interests confidently.

Collective Disputes

Collective disputes are an essential tool so that the rights of groups are respected, and to guarantee the responsibility and duties of companies towards the work environment and employees.

We are proud to work on these disputes to defend the rights of our clients and thus build a healthier and fairer corporate culture.

Corporate Law

With our work in corporate law, we have been able to use all our experience to create sustainable management and corporate governance strategies.

We consider the needs and rights of all stakeholders in order to deliver quality and value to our customers.

Contract Law

Agreements and contracts are essential to create lasting and secure partnerships.

Our team works tirelessly to establish relationships based on these values and that deliver, and exceed, the results expected by our clients.

Global network

Through our international partnership, we have a network that gives us access to the best and most innovative in the law world. We’re able to partake knowledge and inspiration from professionals on the frontlines of historic actions around the globe.

Justice without fear

Like David and Goliath, we are not afraid to take on the biggest players in the market on behalf of our clients. If we believe in the cause, we fight until the end for justice and we trust in our ability to succeed.

Exceptional quality

We are proud to have only the most specialized professionals in our areas of expertise, whether with national and international academic experience, or with practical experience in the largest firms and cases in the world.

Who is Felipe Hotta?

Felipe Hotta has a degree from Universidade de São Paulo (USP) and holds a master’s in environmental law from Queen Mary University of London. He was a UNESCO Youth Ambassador and a researcher in Civil Rights and Social Actions in the World’s Youth for Climate Justice (WYCJ) campaign.

He also has years of experience as a partner managing the activities of the LATAM arm of a prestigious international law firm, with a special focus on human rights, indigenous and environmental law cases.

In this work, he was deeply involved with mass civil liability actions brought against transnational corporations that have been destroying the environment and violating human rights, in addition to providing management and leadership for the team and supporting the business operation and strategy.

Recently, Felipe settled a mass environmental disaster lawsuit on behalf of an indigenous community against Vale S.A., due to the Brumadinho dam disaster. Felipe structured a multimillion-dollar deal to compensate the families and rebuild the village.