We are a boutique Brazilian firm focused on environmental law and human rights cases. We work predominantly on consumer side world-changing cases that will forever shape legal history. We have a rotary of high calibre lawyers who fearlessly join our mission as we make Brazil a better and more protected place.

Global network*

Justice without fear

Exceptional quality

*Hotta Advocacia maintains an institutional collaboration with Pogust Goodhead, a law firm based in the United Kingdom and with branches in several jurisdictions, observing all the laws and regulations pertinent to the countries involved in this international collaboration.

Why we practice in these fields

Law practiced with empathy

We base our work on the belief that empathy, understanding and sensitivity are valuable tools for good performance in our work.

Creating a better world

For us, law is a true tool for transformation. Through it we aim to make the world a better place for our clients.

Client appreciation

Our clients are at the centre of all our strategies. Our mission is to bring the best result to those who choose to trust our work.

Environmental Protection

The environment is precious, but it is under fierce attack. We believe that it is our duty to protect biodiversity, and that is why this ideal permeates all of our work.

Our team

We are a team that prides itself on dynamism, vitality, and creativity combined with our experience and expertise.